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Sunday, October 2, 2011

(Long-Awaited?) Update

Green means go.

I got green lights from all the necessary parties. Nutrition, psychiatry, most importantly of all - finance (meaning I've paid my program fee in full).

I am a go all around for my VSG surgery.

My weight is up right now. I just ate half a bag of Cheetos, a handful of Chex Mix, and a slice of ice cream cake for my dad's birthday.

I have to weigh in on Monday. I feel like I should cancel/postpone the appointment. I don't want to fuck this up so hard that everything I've done so far gets pushed aside because I weigh in high on Monday. Because you know what? That's just not fair. Justified, perhaps. But not fair. There's a difference.

It's time for this to continue. It's time for ME to get on with my life. The first year of my 30s is half gone, and I've accomplished very little in it, except a good score on my GRE.

There's nothing deep for me to throw out there into the void, right now. I just thought that my upgrade to greens warranted an update. Stick with me, kids. There'll be more to come. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Curious if you went through w/ the sleeve.

You mentioned maybe going vegan. Any reason why you wouldn't attempt that first (as a less drastic alternative to surgery)?

Hope all is well!